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Year 8002. System OOLRO 3, where the oldest and most powerful empire ever exists : The KROSSO Empire, which consists of thousands of colonies. The celebrations of the eighth millenium have just ended and the good days seem to be over. A few cases of an unknown sickness have been found. Rumors are spreading of the possibility of a mind disease.

No Gravity invites you to a fantastic and futuristic universe made of five intergalactic worlds. An arcade type game with great playability, where it is easy to plunge into space battles against spacefighters, space stations and more!

Fifty-five hard hitting missions plus ten training exercises will help you to enter this real time textured 3D environment. Missions set not only in deep space, but also inside enemy structures will have you patrolling high risk sectors, on reconnaissance in enemy space, escorting friendly ships or defending your space stations and even sneaking in to sabotage enemy weapons.

The player controls a space ship, viewed in the first person. In each mission, the player needs to accomplish some objectives such as destroying enemy ships or their base, escorting allied ships and clearing mine fields. A brief description of the objectives is given at the beginning of a mission. In some situations, the player has some wingmen and can control them by giving orders such as 'attack enemy', 'retreat' and 'protect the base'. A mission is composed of different sectors which have different objectives.

When the objectives of the current sector is complete, the player needs to go the nearest NAV point, when he can warp to the next sector. In the last sector, a warp gate appears and the player needs to go through it to complete the level. At the end of each episode (each containing 10 missions), there is a large base station to destroy. When the player completes all the episodes (of which there are 5), the game ends. The mission fails if the player is destroyed or an objective is not complete (e.g. an important ship being destroyed by enemy).

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